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We have been creating websites for over 25 years.  Owner and lead developer Brian Hovis started his journey in web development in the beautiful town of Bend, Oregon.  Joining the team at Bendnet.com in 1991 helped open his eyes to the world wide web and how amazing, magical and difficult it all can be.  While many barriers have been brought down over the years one thing remains constant and that is the need to maintain strong relationships with the client so that their vision is realized.

Understanding the elements that go into a successful and useful website is key.  Be it crisp graphics, on point SEO or meaningful and passionate blog post… Hovis | Design has done it all over the years.

We know the personal touch is what matters.  Sitting down and understanding what you need and who your user is will help drive the direction of your website.  We offer free consultations to find out what is your best path to success.

Websites should be easy.  It’s best to be able to shoot off a quick email or text your web developer what you need done NOW.  Having a small client list allows for quick changes and informed decisions regarding your website.  You aren’t just another number to us.

Affordability is a big deal.  To help your ROI we try to be as affordable as possible.  We simply want a happy customer.  Contact us today for a free quote and consultation so that we can begin to help create the website you deserve.

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